2019 Murphysboro Baseball Registration Form


The first section that will be filled out is the Parent Information section. Please make sure that ONLY the Parent Information is placed in this section.

The next section is for selecting how many Children you are registering, followed by inputting the Children's Information.

The last section is the Waiver and Signature Section.

Once everything has been entered, you may indicate your method of payment (Paypal or check the Box to Pay In Person at one of the Walkup Dates) and then click the Register button.
If you did not check the Box to Pay In Person, you will be redirected to a Finish Registration by Paying with PayPal button, click that to make your Paypal payment and complete the Registration process.

Please wait until you receive a message indicating that your Registration has completed successfully before closing your Web Browser.


Every player will be placed on a team. Late sign-ups are possible, but will be based on the availability of slots on the team rosters. Parents are not to contact coaches requesting that your child be placed on a certain team. Only the commissioner may be contacted with this request. If your child is picked by a coach that, in your opinion, is unsatisfactory, and your request is not granted, you may choose to have MBI refund your registration fee. The MBI summer baseball program helps more than 700 children per year to learn the fundamentals needed to play baseball and softball. Please remember the goal of MBI is to provide playing fields, equipment and adult supervision which ultimately lend children the opportunity to play baseball/softball with their peers.

Girls: Ages 4 to 18 Before January 1, 2019
Boys: Ages 4 to 18 Before September 1st, 2019

M.B.I Baseball
COED T-Ball:
Age 4 yrs only

COED 6u:
Ages 5 to 6 yrs

Ages 7 to 8 yrs

Ages 9 to 10 yrs

Ages 11 to 12 yrs

Ages 13 to 14 yrs

Ages 15 to 16 yrs

M.B.I. Softball
Ages 7 to 8 yrs

Ages 9 to 10 yrs

Ages 11 to 12 yrs

Ages 13 to 14 yrs
Ages 15 to 16 yrs

Maximum registration cost per family is $150.00

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Waiver and Release of Liability*
By submitting this entry form, I (We) the undersigned parent(s) or legal guardian of the children listed above, hereby give my (our) approval to said children's participation in any and all MBI activities. I (We) do hereby release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless Murphysboro Baseball, Inc., Murphysboro Park District, Murphysboro School District #186, the organizers, sponsors, supervisors, participants, and person(s) transporting my (our) child whether the result of negligence or for any other causes except to the extent and amount covered by accident of liability insurance. It is further agreed that this consent shall remain in full force and effect until such time as the undersigned shall notify MBI in writing of the cancellation of this consent.


By checking this box, I agree to the Waiver and Release of Liability

Total Amount Due:
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