In an effort to help create fair play and parity within the MBI recreational league we are asking the parents/guardians of the players to assign their player a ranking of 1 - 5 based on their players interest and current skill level as it pertains to baseball and softball.  Our goal is to provide coaches with enough information to distribute the talent as evenly as possible within the league, so that the games may be as close and as competitive as possible.  With that being said, please do your best to accurately evaluate your player. Simply because your son or daughter is currently a 1 or 2 does not mean that your son or daughter will not turn into a great baseball or softball player. 

Power Ranking 1:  Possibly first time playing organized baseball/softball.  Player is unclear as to their interest in baseball/softball (maybe they do/maybe they don’t like it).  Player typically will not play catch, hit, and work on their game outside of organized practice with the team.  They may have a real fear of the ball/sport.  They play because their friends do or because their parents want them to.  

Power Ranking 2:  Player is becoming more confident for their age, playing catch.  Offensively they can make contact with the ball / put the ball in play from time to time, but still will swing and miss frequently in the game.  May have a genuine small fear of the ball.  With a little prodding the play may play catch at home.  They are beginning to learn to play catch properly.  

Power Ranking 3:  Player can perform two of the following three skills:  Throwing, catching, hitting.  Will not perform all three well.  The overall fear they have of the ball/game may appear from time to time (not regularly).  Player has a good basic understanding of the sport for their age.  Player enjoys playing the game, playing catch or hitting and will do so at home with others or at one of the various training facilities.  

Power Ranking 4:  Player can proficiently catch, throw and make consistent contact when hitting (this does not mean that they never swing and miss).  Player has an above average understanding of the sport for their age.  (They probably enjoy watching baseball/softball).  They enjoy playing catch at home or taking additional instruction.  They genuinely enjoy the games of baseball/softball.  They may/probably have played some extra baseball/softball in an All-Star / small travel level.

Power Ranking 5:  Player has the ability to catch, throw, hit consistently.  May hit the ball with some power.  Player most likely plays or has plays some level of competitive/travel baseball/softball.  Player enjoys the sport to a degree they participate in extra instruction at home or at one of the facilities on a regular basis.  They enjoy playing and practicing outside of their league scheduled events.  

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In an effort to create the most competitive, yet level playing field MBI is asking for your help in identifying pitchers within the 10U and higher league.