2024 Spring/Summer Baseball & Softball Registration opens January 1st, 2024 and will remain open through March 10th, 2024.

Walk-up Registration - March 9th, 2024

2024 FEES

4U & 6U - $60.00

8U, 10U, & 12U - $65.00

14U & 16U - $70.00


In an effort to help create fair play and parity within the MBI recreational league we are asking the parents/guardians of the players to assign their player a ranking of 1 - 5 based on their players interest and current skill level as it pertains to baseball and softball.  Our goal is to provide coaches with enough information to distribute the talent as evenly as possible within the league, so that the games may be as close and as competitive as possible.  With that being said, please do your best to accurately evaluate your player. Simply because your son or daughter is currently a 1 or 2 does not mean that your son or daughter will not turn into a great baseball or softball player. 

More information about power rankins can be found HERE

2024 MBI Registration will be through TeamSnap.  ALL athletes will need a picture of their birth certificate uploaded into TeamSnap in order to register this year.  

2024 Murphysboro Baseball INC Registration


MBI self-regulates 4U through 8U so ALL athletes must have been born by January 1st 2021 to be eligible to play this year.

During the 2022 PONY International Board of Directors meeting, a decision was reached to change the date for determining player eligibility from August 31 to April 30 for males. The rule change will take effect immediately. This decision was reached after careful consideration of input from leagues, parents, coaches and other sources important in the decision-making process.

2024 PONY Baseball League Age Key

Player eligible for 2023 did not change from previous years.  The date to determine player eligibility for softball is December 31 for females.  

2024 PONY Softball League Age Key